Our aspiration

We facilitate transition towards sustainable and environmentally friendly future for us and upcoming generations.

Our vision is to create a future where miscanthus is widely recognized as a sustainable and reliable source of renewable energy, significantly reducing reliance on fossil fuels and significantly improving air quality in the process."

Our mission is to promote sustainability by utilizing miscanthus as a renewable resource for energy production and other applications. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize our impact on the environment through the responsible cultivation and use of miscanthus. We believe that this hardy and versatile grass has the potential to revolutionize the way we produce and consume energy, and we are dedicated to promoting its adoption as a sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

Miscanthus is a sustainable and renewable resource that supports the UN sustainable development goal of responsible consumption and production. Its ability to thrive in a variety of climates and soil types allows for diverse and efficient use of land, reducing the need for additional land to be cleared for agriculture. Furthermore, miscanthus absorbs a significant amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, contributing to the UN goal of climate action and helping to mitigate the impacts of climate change. By prioritizing the use of miscanthus, we can work towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

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We are inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and will continue our journey to embrace more of those goals:
01 No poverty
02 Zero hunger
03 Good health and well-being
04 quality education
05 Gender equality
06 Clean water and sanitation
07 affordable and clean energy
08 decent work and economic growth
09 industry, innovation and infrastructure
10 reduced inequalities
11 Sustainable cities and communities
12 responsible consumption and production
13 climate action
14 life below water
15 life on land
16 peace, justice and strong institutions
17 partnerships for the goals
More about UNSDG

As a potential partner, we help you with the agricultural portion of the supply chain for biomass feedstocks and can offer a comprehensive solution for your biomass utilization projects. This will help you create and improve a sustainable biomass feedstock supply chain based on the Miscanthus giganteus crop.

We develop and optimize biomass feedstock chains to reduce impacts on agriculture, promote food security and improve the environmental sustainability of Agribusiness

We produce and supply Miscanthus x giganteus elite planting material, create biomass-based implementation concepts, and offer turnkey solutions for projects involving the utilization of biomass, from the establishment of Miscanthus biomass plantations and energy farming to vertically integrated feedstock supply chains.
  • Rhizomes cleaning, segregation, and packaging machinery

    We can clean, wash, separate, and pack rhizomes without causing them any damage by using our own designed field lines for rhizomes processing. We are offering only gently washed rhizomes with a minimum percentage of the soil. As a result, our customers do not overpay for soil or clay that may rest on the rhizomes after lifting. 

  • Rhizome traceability certification

    Each stage of interaction & contact with seedlings undergoes a verification and traceability procedure by the SGS international surveyor. Thus you can always be sure that you will receive  top-quality rhizomes with confirmed generation and  verified genetic origination.

    Remark: Confirmed generation & verified genetic origination ensure rhizomes are more resilient to the environment, increasing their survival and germination rate.

  • Weed control

    To ensure correct oversight for the weed control management and care of the Miscanthus plantation, we have standardized, tested weed control mixtures on-hand. Our fertilizer cocktails have stood the test of time and helped the Miscanthus plantation  to be more efficient and sustainable in the first years of living.

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High-quality planting material
Plantation Establishment & Development
Feasibility Study & Business Plan
High-quality planting material

For the establishment of your own Miscanthus biomass plantations, we are pleased to offer you our premium Miscanthus planting material in the form of first- and second-generation rhizomes, with genetic origin and rhizome generation validated by a specialized  acknowledged traceability expertise.

Plantation Establishment & Development

We are ready to implement turnkey solutions for establishing Miscanthus biomass plantations and consult on the development of Miscanthus feedstock supply chain in any chosen country of industrial off-taking facility location where the needed land acreage would be available.

Feasibility Study & Business Plan

We will be pleased to put our knowledge to work for you in developing a business plan and business model for your biomass supply chain setup, including planning, structuring, setting up, developing, and optimizing it.



first generation
Suitable for propagation plantations establishment
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second generation
Suitable for commercial biomass plantation establishment
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Miscanthus Biomass
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Miscanthus Biomass
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Miscanthus benefits

About Miscanthus
01 1ha of miscanthus = a heat coverage for 1,7 of average medium-sized house 02 1kg of miscanthus = 17MJ/KG 03 1ha of miscanthus = 5,400 liters of light heating oil 04 1,7kg of miscanthus (energy equivalent) = 1kg of coal 05 only 2,7% of ash content (wheat straw 8,6%)
01 1ha of miscanthus = a heat coverage for 1,7 of average medium-sized house
02 1kg of miscanthus = 17MJ/KG
03 1ha of miscanthus = 5,400 liters of light heating oil
04 1,7kg of miscanthus (energy equivalent) = 1kg of coal
05 only 2,7% of ash content (wheat straw 8,6%)
High vitality
Miscanthus is a "superhero". This plant does not have any pets and nor requires significant fertilization; moreover, it can be cultivated in the least fertile soils.
Multi-purpose use

Miscanthus Biomass is also widely used as a versatile raw material for various sectors of the bio-economy:

  • production of chipboard
  • bio-concrete
  • building insulation materials
  • cardboard and cardboard packaging
  • disposable
  • biodegradable tableware
  • biocomposites
  • bioplastics
  • sanitary and hygienic products
  • solid and liquid biofuels
  • and other

Since 2010, we have dealt with the distribution of Miscanthus planting materials and its propagation.


In 2016, we opened our first mother crop nurseries in Croatia. Since then, we have expanded to become the largest operator of ex vitro Miscanthus plants mother crop nurseries in east Europe.


As of today, we have three-year production cycles for approximately 150 hectares of nurseries in Slovenia and Croatia.

We build Miscanthus mother crop nurseries every year using ex vitro seedlings of class M0, and we raise these disease-free Miscanthus plants to create high-quality planting material in the form of first- and second-generation rhizomes with verified genetic origination and generation.

Up to 50 million F1 and 50 million F2 rhizomes can be produced annually and supplied by us.

next three years

To support the growth of the EU bioeconomy, we intend to double our production capacity within the next three years.